How do I use each of the Mynt attachment heads?

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Choose from the Sandpaper Head, Fine Grinder, Tapered Head, Smoothing Buffer or Felt Buffer, to file, sand, buff and shine your nails:

1 - Sandpaper Head

Calluses and sanding

Removes old nail polish, calluses, and sands the nails surface.

How To Use: Start by lightly sanding the surface of the nail from left to right. Do not press too hard and be careful around the skin. Use this attachment to shorten and shape the tip of your nail. 

Pro Tip: This attachment is also perfect for removing calluses. Lightly press against any rough or hard skin to gently smooth away.

2 - Fine Grinder

For shaping

Finely sands and shapes the nail down to the cuticle.

How To Use: This attachment is tapered at the end and is less coarse, so you can gently sand around the edges of your nail. Slowly move from left to right over the nail surface and use the tapered end to work around the bed of the nail, being careful of your skin.

3 - Tapered Head

For cuticles

Pushes back cuticles and removes dead skin.

How To Use: Work around the bed of your nail to remove any dead skin and push the cuticles back. Start in the center and work your way around both sides.

Pro Tip: You can use this attachment without the power to gently nudge back the cuticles as well.

4 - Smoothing Buffer

For lines and ridges

Buffs out any bumps for a smooth, soft nail.

How To Use: Once you’re happy with the shape and look of your nails, use the Smoothing Buffer to buff out any ridges or lines that you might see after sanding.

5 - Felt Buffer

For shine

Leaves nails looking glossy and ready for polish application (if desired).

How To Use: In the final step before polish (if desired), the Felt Buffer adds a glossy shine. Move the attachment from left to right over the surface and use the tapered end to buff around the edges of the nail.

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